on letting go

My significant other (hereafter SO) has not been feeling well for months.  The feeling of unwell has increased to the point where he sought help, a major feat for him.  High blood pressure and low blood sugar were wreaking havoc on him.  Before taking on a medication routine, he decided to cut out his favorite daily habit: coffee.  The change has been drastic for him.  His blood sugar occasionally becomes too low, but not to the point where he can’t control it.

At the same time he’s quitting coffee, we’re attempting to get back to our values: eating local, unpackaged, whole foods and consuming less waste (plastic, etc.).  It’s not that we ever abandoned those values, but life sometimes gets in the way of remembering what you (want to) stand for.  I learned of my new, upcoming job in late March, and since then we’ve been decluttering: we had a large yard sale, sold off large things on Craigslist, listed books to Amazon, and are currently selling off various odds and ends on eBay.  I’ve been guerrilla giving: placing things I value but can’t take with me in people’s mailboxes, on their desks, and in public spaces.  When I leave here, the SO and I plan to have only the van and a small trailer.  It’s simultaneously scary and exciting.

This past week brought with it the end of my last semester as a full time college student.  I’m not done entirely–I have a dissertation to write–but I’m done with the sitting-in-class-and-turning-in-homework part.  I’m definitely ready to let go of that part of my life.  With that said, there are so many things I want to do when I finish my dissertation, and one of those things is to take more science classes, perhaps even completing the biology degree I originally began.

While letting go, I’m also trying to hop on: I’ve dusted off this blog, deleting old things that revealed my attempts at trying too hard, reading books I’ve meant to read for years, and promising myself 500 words a day on here as a means of practice and accountability.  I’m attempting to mix up my fitness routine to create something more holistic and tailored to who I am.  I’ve spent more time on yoga in the past month than I have in my entire life combined, and I’m feeling it pay off in ways that are indescribable to others.  I feel that there’s more of me to put forward in the word.  And it’s the good parts of me.  My family is noticing the changes and will do small amounts of yoga in hopes of gaining some of the benefits.

There’s a lot to be said about all that is gained from letting go.


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