I look like shit.

And that’s okay.

I teach.  Yes, that means I get summers “off.”  (Whether summers are really off is a topic for another day.)  Instead of taking the summer off, I taught. This was a mistake.  Yes, I made more money.  That has been nice–I think.  I’m not really sure where that more money is.

It means I’ve had no break. During the school year, I can’t just take off.  Teaching is one of the few professions in which taking time off (whether for illness or other reasons) is more of a hassle than just showing up.  I just finished a workshop yesterday, and my official day back (in service) is Monday.  I still have lots of planning to do for my classes.  LOTS of planning.

This morning I ditched it all.  When my partner left to take the kids to school, I stayed in my pajamas.  It’s 10:40 a.m., and I’m still in my pajamas right now.  I’ve burned a candle down to the end, eaten biscotti, listened to podcasts, drank espresso, and cleaned.  It feels good.  I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror earlier, and I laughed at my shiny face, crazy hair, and baggy t-shirt.  I look horrible.  However, I know that, as of Monday, my ability to sit in my pajamas will be exhausted, so I’m going to appreciate the ability to look like shit this morning.


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