Hi. I’m Jen.  I parent two kids, teach writing and thinking, tutor people who strive to improve their literacy, and try to keep things real.

I’m learning that I’m tougher than the world would have me think.  I may not fit into norms, but I’m possibly the strongest woman, mentally and physically, I know.  I’m learning that I’m okay with that.

I’ve worked as a tutor, an editor, a business owner, a waitress, a shelver, a cafeteria shift manager, a website designer, an copywrite producer, a library cataloger, a housekeeper, a substitute teacher, a babysitter, a checkout clerk, and a playground supervisor.

I was born near San Diego, California, but live in the midwest, have many siblings, love the poem Messenger by Mary Oliver, want many tattoos of geometric designs and quotes I love, and think that snakes are wonderful.  I love the ocean, the color green, coffee, red toenail polish, birds, surprises, and quotes.

I’m currently:

  • finishing a PhD and articles for publication while also defying the voice in my head that tells me I’m not good enough
  • preparing to move across the country for a career that simultaneously terrifies and thrills me
  • learning more about yoga and my body
  • attempting to be a better human

This site is a way for me to think in writing.  All thoughts are subject to change.


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